This was a 12-week syllabus that I negotiated with my learners in February 12th 2014 and it ran until June 11th 2014.

To be honest I was absolutely exhausted after putting so much effort into the first syllabus, planning all the lessons, writing a blog post every week and collecting feedback – it was a lot of work!

So syllabus 2 could have been better, primarily for this reason. But the first syllabus was a real crash course in planning and executing an entire syllabus without using a coursebook and I think my teaching really improved. I learnt a hell of a lot and the feedback from learners was great, so I’m still glad I did it.

In syllabus 2, we also fell back on using some coursebook lessons, as it just made planning easier. I picked up some new teaching contracts at this time which I knew would take up a lot of my time so I knew I wouldn’t have as much time for planning this time round. But there’s only 8 activities taken from a coursebook (Advanced Business Result), and the learners chose these themselves.

To my surprise, with this syllabus almost all the participants left during the course and were replaced by a whole new group of learners. The joys of working at a startup!

So after 10 weeks we decided to organise a totally new syllabus. It isn’t really fair to ask a new group of learners to do a syllabus decided by a completely different group of people.

You can download the syllabus here.


Week Activity Comments
0 Evaluation Syllabus 1Plan syllabus 2Reading on ‘Fairnopoly/ startups in Berlin’’ homework – prepare brief report on one startup
1 Small Talk – Socialising in English‘The Onion’ news videos+discussion
2 Twitter ‘The Economist’Introducing Yourself (1)Reported Speech
3 Teamwork – Negotiating/ ‘Dealing with conflict’ Case study (5)
4 Leadership /Depersonalising using the Passive
5 Managing discussions (2)Performance: Using questions (8)
6 Appraisals Motivation
7 Expressing dissatisfaction (7)Taking part in a teleconference (7)
8 Case study (3) Planning Office Space / Showing Understanding (3)
9 Read (at home) and discuss articles from around the worldSpoken grammar – how NS really speak. Famous short stories/ discussion
10 Intercultural awareness/ Grammar – small bits of grammar combined w/ discussion
11 Practically speaking: Dealing with misunderstandings
12 Discussion: Interns/ The future of work Topics of the week/ discussion Evaluation

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