This syllabus is called ‘Memorization’ after me forgetting something in the classroom in Week 1!

My suggestions for the syllabus come with a (t) for teacher.

Syllabus 7

Permanent themes:

Useful phrases, phrasal verbs (with exercises)




Week Activity Comments
0(29/04/ 2015) Evaluation Syllabus 6 Plan syllabus 7
1 Abstract concepts (explaining)Irregular verbs
2 Low quality phone calls
Speaking practice
3 Communication game (making things)Idioms
Email writing
4 Using the correct tense (esp. past forms)
5 Classic literature
6 Topics from The Economist
Spellbound: spelling bee (t)
7 Palindromes (t)
Phrasal verbs
8 Expressing intentions & Plans (modals)
Bad subtitles


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