This is the sixth decentralised syllabus, with a group I originally began teaching back in October 2013.

This time I made a new individual learning plan for each learner, but I changed it slightly. My reasoning was – what’s the point of filling out a learning plan that just vanishes after the first week? So I added a new section – ‘Questions to ask yourself after ….. weeks’.

In Week 1 learners write down questions they want to ask themselves in Week …. (e.g. Week 4, this depends on the length of the syllabus). This means that the learning plan remains an active tool rather than a dead document.

Download this below – let me know if you use it!
Individual-Learning-Plan2.pdf (119 downloads)

(T) = Teacher’s suggestion


Syllabus 6 – Mahou


Permanent themes:

Useful phrases, phrasal verbs (with exercises)



Week Activity Comments
0(26th Nov. 2014) Evaluation Syllabus 4Plan syllabus 6
1 Game – Build something (T)
Rethinking the computer (T)
2 Conditionals
Infographics (T)
3 Bad subtitles (T)Reported speech (one more time….) Find songs in your native language you like, translate and send to others
4 Irregular verbs Only one thing in week 4?
5 Dependent prepositions
Sickness vocabulary
6 Job Interviews
Asking for a raise
Presenting an argument
7 TED Talk
Living Well (T)
Can you find short stories from your own country that have been translated into English?
8 Historical stories
Past forms
*Presentation on famous historical figures?
9 Topics from ‘The Economist’\The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship

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