Syllabus 4 – ‘Nachos’* (see footnote)

 Started September 17th 2014  

Week Activity Comments
0 Evaluation Syllabus 3/ Plan syllabus 4  Revision of phrasal verbs
1 How to start a conversation  Vocabulary: FeelingsCoffee Machine conversation
2 Reading: The Homeless coder / Grammar: articles and prepositionsAncient history/ medieval history
3 Paper powerpoints (t)Make a logo (t)How to be more productive (t)
4 Depersonalising: giving bad news? Passives
5 Perfect tenses/ Conditionals/ Telling a joke
6 Phrasal verbs & Idioms/ fixed expressions
7 Listening to non-native speakers/ Listening to native speakers/ Watching – comment on videos
8 Leadership (t)Negotiating with your boss/ Dealing with conflicts
9 Teleconference/ skype  – Business writing (integrated task)
10 Free week – you can add your suggestions if you here if you like!

*syllabus is a boring word – I’m going to start calling the syllabus a name from now on. After evaluating #dct syllabus 3, we retired to the pub and ate…nachos. And so the idea was born…

(t) – suggested teacher activity (learners are free to reject these activities)

apologies for formatting! that’s the way it turned out!



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