Goodbye 2014!

I started this whole project in October 2013 with one group of learners. Since then I’ve put up 20 free lesson plans for teachers which I hope you found useful.

Last year I also started a grassroots group for teachers here in Berlin (Berlin Language Workers GAS) aiming to improve working conditions for teachers. Up to now we’ve organised several events for teachers here – with more to follow!

In 2015 I’m going to be focussing on quality over quantity; writing less posts but with more depth of analysis.


So watch this space.



So – what were the most popular lesson plans of 2014? Drum roll…

Here are the top five:

1. Low teach teaching (1) Paper Websites  
2. 10 Minute Warmer (5) Answers looking for a question   
3. Low tech teaching (3) Paper Emails
4. The homeless coder  
5. 10 Minute Warmer (6) Face-Down

I hope that you found the lesson plans and posts interesting and thought-provoking. If you have used any of these lessons in class and have suggestions then feel free to comment below.

To conclude, I wish you all followers and readers of ‘decentralised teaching and learning’ a great 2015 – may all your pedagogical prayers be answered!





Happy New Year 2014 Singapore! Randy Tan on flickr. CC License 2.0 Generic.

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