paul walsh decentralised teaching and learningI’m Paul Walsh. I’ve taught English in Poland, the Balkans and Saudi Arabia and I currently work in Berlin, Germany.

After completing my TESOL diploma I caught the blogging bug and with two other Diploma grads started a blog for TESOL diploma candidates.


Why did you decide to do this blog?

I got into a rut working here in Germany, not really developing. This was an attempt to cultivate some originality and overcome some inertia.

And I’m glad to say it worked!



Why now?


I started teaching a Business English class in a Berlin startup where the learners were very receptive to new ideas, and I had compete control over syllabus and materials. And so a new blog was born…

Now I’m interested in spreading decentralised teaching and learning – reaching out to other teachers.

See below for a ‘dummies guide’ (click on Options to adjust settings).



What brought you to Decentralisation?

While completing my M.A. I became interested in themes such as Globalisation, the influence of the E.U. and Decentralisation.

This led me me to create the concept of Decentralisation in ELT, as I believe that the teaching of languages is over-centralised.



What teaching approaches have influenced you?

I have been especially influenced by Task-based learning, the Lexical Approach, Dogme/ Teaching Unplugged and the Learner Autonomy movement.



Describe Decentralised Teaching in one sentence…

The central tenet of Decentralised Teaching would be: 

Devolving power, resources and responsibility down to the learner in order to optimise learning


Where else do you hang out?

You can also catch me on:



Final comments

Please check out the free lesson plans  including Warmers and Lesson Jam lessons.

I’m also the founder of Berlin Language Worker GAS (grassroots association), an informal, grassroots group aiming to improve working conditions for language workers in Berlin.

Take a look at our new website!

I also founded Teachers as Workers SIG – here is our G+ group – you can join the discussion group by clicking on the logo on the right; there’s also a signup for our mailing list (no spam, leave when you want).

My new project is Teacher Stories – where ELT  teachers get to tell their own stories.

Do you have a story to tell?


Look forward to hearing from you – spread the decentralised word!



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